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This blog is intended to express the lack of morality in our society. We need to do better. The amazing thing about being an American is our freedom of speech. I am exercising this freedom in a productive way.


Let’s face it. Being human really bites it. We are faced daily with the onslaught of those awful emotions. It could be as simple as a good joke that makes us laugh out loud, or perhaps a tragic movie that brings tears to our eyes. How about all the wrong-headed decision-making by our politicians that brings out our anger? Gosh! It’s too much for one to bear. That’s why we advocate HAPPINESS! Yes that’s right, HAPPINESS. This is just not the momentary feeling that you get when you win the door prize at your monthly bingo meeting, or when your cat that keeps peeing on the carpet mysteriously disappears one stormy night. No, this HAPPINESS is forever, lasting a lifetime! You will never be bothered by all those other silly emotions, just HAPPINESS.

THANKS http://www.soaho-sunglasses.org for all the advice.  I will put it in my Composition about Petty Thoughts for Small Minded People.



Happiness for sale

Happiness for sale

More double-dipping


“Proponents of the double-dipping practice claim that rehiring retirees is cost effective because they already know the job.”

This one always gets me. Has anyone done the study to look at cost/benefit of rehiring a retiree vs hiring a young person with energy and good ideas?


Looks like the GOP golden boy Christie has some tarnish after all

Here’s an example of how clueless and uncalibrated New Jersey pensioners are:

“Democratic State Sen. Fred Madden is a “triple-dipper” who collects more than $241,000 a year from public coffers — $49,000 as a legislator, $106,983 as a police academy dean and an $85,272 pension as a State Police retiree.

‘I don’t have a problem with it at all,”‘ said Madden.”


Even the D+ student Rick Perry can figure the simple math on this one. He has no shame.


Nearly 1 in 6 are actually retired; that’s not including the ones who officially aren’t but work like they are.



“The double-dipping question is tricky, in part because state lawmakers themselves do it, and it is legal.”

The fox are in the hen-house.